Change, good or bad? or both…

22 Feb


Today’s post will be brief. It’s about change as this is something we have to deal with so often in life pretty much daily and we either accept the change or we struggle with it. Sometimes change is good! Sometimes change is bad! However change comes into your life learn how to deal with it and try to be positive about it and adapt. If the change does not work for you then you need to asses does this path still make sense for me?

I struggle with change sometimes, I also can embrace it but a lot of times I get stuck in my ways if it works and so when things get changed on me I freak out. What is the saying “If it aint broke then don’t fix it” But a lot of times I do like change as I get bored quickly and like to mix things up. There is change coming my way within my work world do I like it? Not so sure I do right now but I’m trying to keep an open mind explore it, try it and see does it work? Can it make things better? I know I need to change some of the things I do in my work world as well so in that way change is a good thing and change needs to be coming.

Change in products can make me mad also, and also be good. Lets take running shoes, Nike is king of this they make a shoe that we all love and then the next season they change it and ruin that once great shoe. Why do companies do this? Why fix something that was working so well? But then sometimes changes made to a shoe work and make it better so listen to the people before making the change. Big business and corporate America drive me nuts cause so often they don’t listen to the public, to their consumer. Rather they listen to some idiot in a board room who comes up with some idea that makes no freaking sense and the public rejects it and then what do you have? How do you gain those consumers back?

So yes change is good, change can open new doors for new things in your life. But also change can ruin good things. So be careful with change give it a try but if it’s not working for you be quick to change back to what is.

As you can tell some change is coming my way and I have mixed emotions. I also feel like a change is needed in my life from the rut I’m in. Whatever happens it will all be good and it will all roll how it is suppose to. Things happen for a reason we are given signs and sometimes we see those signs and react and sometimes we are oblivious to them.

So have a great night! Keep on Keeping on!


Today’s workout: 8 mile run outdoors on a hilly route in some gale force winds! But it was way better than the treadmill. Pace was nice and easy like 6:43 with mile 6 at 6:04 just for one tempo mile.

Tomorrow morning is some hill running!!


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