What matters to you?

15 Feb

What matters in life?

So this morning I started reading this new book Chi-Running very cool and really look forward to getting deeper into it. I started to think about some other topics I was going to write about today more running related and then a few things hit me. What really matters in life? Life has been full of stress for me pretty much always as I choose to be very active and have my hands in many things I also have always worked in sales related type jobs and been an entrepreneur type that started my own business at 19 years old right out of high school. So I have never really lived that normal 9-5 workday schedule and then you can check out and have time off as I pretty much always have to be on. So over the last year as stress builds with various things in life the economy is in the tank and sales are tougher etc… I have started thinking about what matters and how to make time for it.
Over the last month or so I’ve really tried to focus on hey that can wait cause what matters is time with my family or friends or just some alone time to decompress. Running, cycling, swimming is a major part of my release and I value that time very much. One way that has really helped me keep that time and has made it a lot of fun is coaching and leading group runs or rides. I really enjoy my time with these people who support the program who come out and we become a team a family and all motivate and push one another. So sometimes when people can’t make it and we don’t see them for awhile in the group it’s kind of sad because to me that is some fun times and something that is important to me.

But what really got me going on this today was chatting with a friend who just had a baby and taking me back to when my daughter was born and just how much that has changed my life sure some day’s I want to scream! But most the time she is an angel and it’s the best thing in the world. Bella was born 5 weeks early she was taken because her heart was racing fast so fast they could not find it in the ultra sound at first. So they tried pumping Shannon full of drugs to slow it down and well that did not work so they had to do a C section and get Bella out. Bella spent two weeks maybe more of her life living in the NICU at Children’s hospital it was very hard looking in this incubator thing seeing her under a light trying to tan her and give her color hooked up to all sorts of wires to monitor her, feed her etc… She was a whopping 4 pounds 10 ounces when she was born. It’s moments like that when you sit back and say what is really important? Does making all that money slaving away day in and day out really matter? Or does freeing up time in your life to spend with those who you care about matter? We all lose sight of this so often and I’m very guilty of it as I can be a selfish person. But at the end of the day even when she makes me want to pull what few hairs I have left out of my head nothing matters more than Bella and her well being and happiness. She has been so good for me as she grows up (which it’s amazing how fast that happens!) she teaches me to mello out and not get so worked up about things that really are not that important, she makes me laugh and smile almost every time I see her and when I watch her swim or run or compete in a Triathlon it’s overwhelming how much I glow inside and get excited. Bella is truly a remarkable kid and I love seeing little pieces of me or Shannon in her but yet seeing her become her own person and then even learn a few things from her.
Many of you who know me well also know that my friends mean the world to me. I don’t have a lot of family and so I look to my friends as family. I pretty much would do anything for my friends and I live my life each day wanting to help people. I never ask for much in return just to be treated with the same kindness and support I give to them so often we all take friendships for granted and get so caught up in our own little worlds that we forget to check in on someone we truly care about and make time for them. I’m so guilty of this and we all are. Remember the days when we were young no kids and we could make time for our friends get out in large groups and just live it up! As we get older and have families it does not mean we have to give up those times we need to cherish those times and continue to find ways to make it work. Don’t just move to the suburbs have kids and become boring, get out live life and enjoy it! Communicate keep those powerful friendships alive. I miss my days in the music business very much and miss getting to see a lot of those people on a more regular basis and this is something that is important to me so I plan to do a better job of this and make sure I get my time in with all of them. Just like my running group or Triathlon group I train with these are some amazing and wonderful people and so I value those friendships a lot and really look forward to each session when we meet and have a good workout together.

I’ve been blessed to have made so many friends over the years with so many great and wonderful people. And each one of those friendships mean the world to me even though we may not see each other often, or talk that much I would always be there for any of them in a heartbeat if they asked. My friends are family and they are important to me.

My wife Shannon of course is very important to me and god help her for what she puts up with. Because of my crazy life style I’m not the easiest person to deal with sometimes and well she has put up with the crap for over 12 years and I thank her! I think Bella has been an amazing thing for both us to help keep things strong over the years because like I said earlier sometimes we lose sight of things and what’s important to us and hopefully we figure it out before it’s too late. That’s how it goes in any relationship, friendship as you just can’t take it for granted and you need to respect it and keep it strong. A little give and take and a little patients I lack patients but I’m trying!!

So today I write to maybe open your eyes and help you focus on what is truly important to you? what really matters? Sure we have to stay focused on our self but we also have to think of others. If you have been neglecting a friendship or a family member (I’m guilty of not talking to mom enough) maybe reach out to that person and get together let them know they matter to you in your life. Life comes and goes quickly and if you fall asleep you might miss it. We all could die tomorrow? So why live in regret, live in fear, live looking to tomorrow? Why not live for today and start enjoying life one moment at a time and make the most of it.

Cheers everyone!

So if you want to know about my workouts?
Yesterday I had a crazy long day of work but got home and got outside about 4:30pm or so and logged 8 easy miles (6:35 pace) and a relaxed heart rate of 140 or lower. So I was testing this new MotoActv watch yesterday and using the headphone function and how it mixes music to your activity level well needless to say running that relaxed had me jamming to some pretty mellow tunes. It’s interesting how the ladies voice comes on and talks to you about your stride, or speed, distance etc… so far the watch is pretty cool more to come on this as I play with it more.
Today’s workout was with the group “Hills” 7.4 miles total of running and 5 hill repeats on this loop the hill itself is about .22 of a mile with a decent grade and we run it hard then do an active recovery loop back to the start and go again. Beautiful morning out weather wise and a nice fun group of people to share the run with. Going to try and get a swim in later.


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