Great quotes and making choices

10 Feb

Great quotes and choices;

This morning I got emailed these quotes from this loan officer I know as I was updating a playlist of music so I can run off and teach cycle class, then head to my daughters school for her state research presentation and then make it to Shakopee to show a house and then downtown to meet a friend for lunch whoa what a day! I thought maybe I’ll take a quick minute and say something about these quotes below and maybe try to charge myself up and those who read this blog at the same time.

Life is crazy and with this down economy people losing jobs and for me working in a tough real estate market sometimes it’s very easy to get down, frustrated and lose focus. But we all as people wake up each day and get to make choices it’s the freedom of living in America and it’s a freedom we so often take for granted. So when you wake up each morning wake up with a smile and try to erase the pains of the day before and start out saying today is going to be a good day!

For athletes the same applies as you train for an event you need to make choices “do I listen to coach?” “maybe I should try this workout instead?” “my body aches and I should rest but my training plan says run 8 miles I better get out there” all those things you need to know yourself as a person you need to understand your body and all though the plan says run if your tired and sore take a day off because the choice to follow the plan when not feeling well might lead to injury? So consult with your coach, consult with yourself and do what is right for you at that given moment. You also make the choice to come into a workout with a good attitude or a bad one. If you show up feeling this is going to be too hard I can’t do this then how will you have a good workout? You need to make the positive choice the choice to follow your heart and believe in yourself.

Here are the quotes and a few words of my own for each one. Hopefully you can find some positive energy out of today’s blog, and the words within it.
Just say tomorrow is a new day, and I have choices to make will I make the right ones the ones that work best for me and those around me.
Live in the moment! Make the most of each moment! Because it might be your last?

Life is just a series of trying to make up your mind.

– Timothy Fuller

(So true all we do is try and make up our mind daily. What to eat, what to wear, on down the line try and be decisive when making up your mind and know you have a choice)

Life is just an endless chain of judgements… the more imperfect our judgement, the less perfect our success.

– B. C. Forbes

( Yes it is, we are judged daily by those around us and we judge those around us. And when we have clouded judgment we typically don’t succeed like we should but when we have a clear head and clear judgment then success will happen.)

To know just what has to be done, then to do it, comprises the whole philosophy of practical life.

– Sir William Osler

(Life is not so practical most the time. This one is interesting and takes a little thinking. We often know what needs to be done, but do we often follow that? Which means we often don’t follow the philosophy of practical life and that’s ok I love to live outside the box but sometimes we need to follow what is practical)

Life is the sum of all your choices.

– Albert Camus

(Could not be said any better, your life is what you make of it, your life is the sum of your choices. So choose wisely think about your choices and think about how they will make your life better.)
So there you go some great words of wisdom from some interesting people, read into them how you may see if you can apply something to your life and choose with a clear head, choose smart, choose with heart.

Make it a great day, be great! Keep that focus and eye on your goals!


Update on my workouts: Yesterday was a beautiful run, was not sure I would sneak it in as I was so busy but I did 7.25 miles in 43:38 (6:01 avg) I took off and locked into such a nice groove each mile for the first 5 was exactly 5:55-5:56 then the last two miles going into a strong wind I backed it down some and ran 6:10, 6:11 to cool it down. My heart rate was aerobic the whole time and it just felt effortless.
I’m looking forward to my first 20 mile run of the training season tomorrow; however it’s going to be cold! And I’m not looking forward to that.

My new Motoactv watch is pretty cool need more time with it before I write a full review for you.


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