Stay The course

25 Jan

“Staying the course”

Today’s blog is inspired by a book that legendary runner Dick Beardsley wrote. I’m not going into things within the book but more use the title “Staying the course” for my inspiration. But by the way the book is great!! And Dick is an incredible man who can tell a story like no other. This year at the Boston marathon he is coming back to run as it will be the 30th anniversary of the “Duel in the sun” the legendary race between he and Alberto Salazar.

So staying the course think about those words they apply to anything and everything from training for an event, trying to lose weight, trying to get you’re MBA, work, family whatever it is you do you must stay the course.

Since I typically write this blog about endurance sports lets go with that context. It starts with commitment you decide I want to do a certain event so you register for it. Then becomes how do I train and be prepared for this? You may hire a coach? I’m a coach I work with all kinds of athletes some stay the course and well some wonder just outside the course swinging in every once in awhile. The key is you have committed to something you have a plan that you need to follow in order to reach that goal. Along the way curveballs get tossed our way challenges that try to take us off course it’s these times we need to stay strong stay focused and stay on course. Staying the course often takes a lot of discipline and focus to avoid those temptations that maybe want to pull you in another direction.

Faith is a very powerful help in staying the course; you need to believe and have faith that if you stay on this path you will reach your goals and life will be good. You have to have faith in those around you from friends to family to coach. The bible and your believe in God is also very powerful for helping you stay the course keep your head on straight and achieve those goals.

Trust goes with faith pretty much but I’ll address it like this. You have your training plan you have your workouts either from your coach, something you read online, a book whatever. You need to trust in that especially your coach, yes always ask questions and discuss on you feel and maybe the workouts need to be altered but overall you need to trust in your plan based on the goals you set on day one. This is staying the course, following the plan to achieve the goals you set at the beginning.

Mentally you need to stay on course, you need to keep your head in the game and if something comes along and try’s to derail you from the course you need to keep the focus not give up and stay true, stay on course.

Whatever it is in life if you stay course and follow a well executed plan you should come out glorious on the other side.

Look at yourself, believe in yourself, never give up!! If you commit to something see it through don’t let some hard times derail you take you off course and keep you from reaching your goals. You can do it just keep your focus!

Coach MB

Today’s workout:
I like to call it my Boston special. It was on that damn treadmill I dislike so much but it was a good workout. Boston is known for a lot of downhill in the early stages of the race so I like to set the treadmill to a negative grade to simulate the Boston course and run a few miles downhill then bring in my incline for awhile and then mix in more decline etc… for the duration of the run and this is just what I did. The other part of today’s workout was the pace.
Warm-up 6:35 pace for a mile, then 7 miles at 6min pace, Mile 9 was about a 5:49 pace as I adjusted pace each minute getting down to 5:34 pace. So I call it 8 tempo miles with a warm-up and a cool down. The cool down was .75 of a mile at about 6:40 pace the run felt pretty good even though I’m on tired legs from last night’s speed work in which I never really pushed my pace but more paced the group except for two 300’s that I got pushed into a race on.


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