Desire feeds desire.

16 Jan


Sticking with my inspiration from song this week today I choose a song by another band I just love!! Toad the Wet Sprocket and the song is titled “Desire”.

Desire as an athlete as an entrepreneur and as a very competitive person desire is very strong in me. I’m guessing desire is strong in almost all of us. And truly if you want to succeed at something you need desire as desire is the fire that drives us and keeps us focused and chasing things.

“I want to be clean, I want to be whole, I want control, I want to give up, I want to give in, destroy all that I have been” That is the opening versus of the song read those words think about them especially that last one destroy all I have been. In life maybe we have made mistakes maybe we have gone down a path that now we are not happy with and so we want to destroy what we have been. I want to give up, I want to give in those words we feel sometimes as things get really tough and the stress of trying to power through gets to be too much that we think about giving in. But then Desire comes and we want something so bad that we don’t give in and we keep wanting and wanting and going for that thing we desire.

“To break down walls and to escape be alone and hide my face I want to feel I want to touch I want to stop wanting it so much” Wow those words are kind of scary when we think about desire and what it can do to us. When we desire something we tend to want it and want it bad sometimes we might go too far in trying to reach it. Now wanting it too much can be a good thing and a bad thing depending on what you desire. For the sake of this blog and my own thoughts desire is a good thing and desire pushes me and it can push you as an endurance athlete. I desire podium finishes I desire kicking some butt on the course and racing with no regrets! So that desire powers me day in and day out it makes me want it and want it bad that I work hard in my training I keep my focus and keep chasing.

“Desire all, Desire is, desire feeds desire, desire breeds desire” So desire can be very powerful if you read those words and think about it. Desire breeds desire wow so true and yet sort of scary. As we desire things and pursue that desire we start to acquire and desire more things along the way this desire feeds desire and breeds desire. OK that was a lot of desire  but you get the point if you use your desire for something in a positive manner it can be powerful and it can help you reach that goal. But if you want it too much and desire it so bad you might push beyond limits that you should not and then the desire could make a negative effect. So be careful as you use your desire for things to work and stay focused. I want you to stay hungry and to never give up but do so in a positive and healthy way.
That song is from Toad’s album “coil” which is a great album like so many of their records are!

The power of song I have shown it this week in my writings so as you listen to music start to pay close attention to the lyrics and think about how those words make you feel. Find your meaning in the words and hopefully they can motivate you, inspire you and help you with the things you desire.

Coach MB

Today had a great workout!! Taught a 2 hour cycle class the work out was titled “Tough Love” it was 2 hours of butt kicking intervals. After class myself and some of my running buddies went out into this beautiful 40 degree Jan. day and ran 6 miles of trails in the Arboretum nice and easy.
It’s an early morning wakeup call tomorrow a lot of work outs!


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