15 Jan

Dreams! Make them come true!

Again today’s blog gets inspired by a song and from watching the US Olympic marathon Trials.
The song “Dreams” by Van Halen love this track I use to play this over and over back in high school when this album 5150 came out it was the bands first with new singer Sammy Hagar.
But today’s blog is not about the band Van Halen it’s about dreams.

Today in Houston a lot of men and women lined up at the starting line all with a dream of making the US Olympic team. They have put years of hard work into this day lots of blood, sweat, and tears along the way dreaming of this moment this chance to run the trials and to maybe just maybe get a chance to represent their country at the 2012 London Olympics.
That dream came true for 6 people 3 men and 3 women and then for the others their dreams did not come true or did they? I mean maybe the dream was just making the trials? As that is a huge accomplishment and nothing to be taken lightly as each one of those people who stood at the start line should be proud!

So the song and getting inspired from it; “Reach for the golden ring, reach for the sky, baby just spread your wings” This is how you have to live and chase your dreams your goals whatever they may be. “Well Get higher and higher straight up well climb, well get higher and higher who knows what well find” Those are great powerful words! As you chase your dreams your goals you will be filled with so much power and inspiration/motivation to reach those dreams that who knows what you will find along the way? Who knows what you will learn about yourself? about others as you chase those dreams as you become more mentally tough and you gain confidence in yourself. Thoughts/dreams start in our head sometimes we look at them as just that dreams but if we really truly believe and really truly are willing to take risks to fall down and get back up again we can reach for those dreams and make them true.

“Standing on broken dreams never losing sight” Think about those words as I’m sure a few people today at the Trials feel just that. They are standing with broken dreams of not making the Olympic team but if they never lose sight if they work hard and continue to push themselves and never give up maybe someday they can make those dreams real. Think about that with your own self. We all chase things maybe it’s that Boston marathon qualifying time? Maybe it’s a podium finish at a Triathlon whatever it may be we have to push for it and chase those dreams!
“We belong in a world that must be strong O that’s what dreams are made of” As individuals we have to be strong and have to be around people who are strong and who can help us achieve our goals and make our dreams real. You can never give up on your dreams you can never think they are out of reach you must always keep that hunger that fight.

“So baby dry your eyes save all the tears you’ve cried” As you chase those dreams and maybe fall short and fall down as you shed those tears dry up the eyes and use those tears as motivation as drive to keep fighting and to keep going for your dreams. Those tears are like little drops of energy little drops that when all collected and put into a bucket can equal your dreams. As when it all comes together those tears become not tears of agony of defeat but tears of joy for you have made your dreams real!

I love to dream always have always will! Some dreams are hard to reach but I never give up and I keep chasing them it’s what keeps the fire burning in me and I l know if I give up on my dreams I will be left empty. So never give up on those dreams and keep your fire burning bright!


Today’s workout: 15.75 miles of hilly running with the marathon training group. Great fun 10 degree temps but dry roads. Kept the pace nice and easy and felt great!
I finished the week with 61 miles of running, 5 hours of cycling, 1 hour of swimming and some weight lifting.
The body is feeling pretty good and getting ready for a 2 hour cycle and 6 mile trail run tomorrow.


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