Back on the Hardwood!!

13 Jan

Getting back on the court!

Today winter came blowing into Minnesota something fierce! So that left me to working out indoors like most people. I knew I would have to teach cycle class today but was hoping to not run on the treadmill! But with 11 degree temps 20 MPH winds and some icy conditions it forced me to run indoors. I got on the good ole Wood Way Treadmill and started cranking out my workout. 7 miles in 43:10 Mile 1: 7minute pace, Mile 2: 6:30 pace, Miles 3,4: 6minute pace, half mile at 6:30 pace, then 1.5 miles at 5:40 pace, Mile 7: 6min pace. Done felt really good other than I was so bored running on that damn machine!! Quick change in the locker room and it was off to teach a 60 minute cycle class in which was a solid one hour butt kicking with no breaks just warm-up for 10 minutes set the plan for the workout and start sweating!

After this great morning workout I thought my day was done? But then I had a meeting with Duane the National Run manager for Life Time Run and Duane invited me to come play hoops with the boys at 5pm. I thought ummm that sounds good! So this evening I dusted off my basketball shoes and took to the court.

It has been years since I played a lot of ball. Basketball was a huge passion of mine for years and I still love the game I just don’t play like I use to. For years I played basketball 5-6 days a week for 2-3 hours at a time. It took a game to get me warmed up tonight but then I started to find a rhythm and I felt flashbacks of my younger days and time on the hardwood! I felt muscles working in my body that I had forgot about, sweat poured down me and I felt like a kid again playing pick-up basketball. I have two strengths to my game, 1 the deep 3 point shot I can rain these all day long, 2 the drive and use of my left hand this part of the game slowly started to come back but it took awhile.

I’m not sure basketball will become a regular thing in my workout schedule? But I do know it was fun to feel those competitive juices flow, and feel like a kid again running up and down the court and connecting with a group of dudes as a team. So I think it might become a once a month deal or maybe more?

I do love to watch college basketball and nothing beats March madness! As for the NBA that game has gone to crap!! They play no D and it’s all show boating not like the days of Michael Jordan or the Stockton to Malone connection.

I’m hoping for nicer weather tomorrow and logging a few easy miles outside and maybe even a swim!
Saturday morning is a 15.5-16 mile run with the marathon training group and appears temps should get to 29 degrees that day so hopefully it makes for nice running conditions.

If you’re looking for a great post workout drink; try some Chocolate Whey protein powder, 1 Banana cut up, a scoop of peanut butter, some milk and ice and blend it up. It’s awesome!

Sorry today’s blog post is nothing exciting just one of those days with not much time to focus on a good topic get inspired and write. I’ll do my best to bring you some good info tomorrow.



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