Not Ready to make nice, well we should make nice.

12 Jan

Not Ready to make nice!.. No time to make nice.

I’m not much of a country music fan but the Dixie Chicks did kick out a pretty good album that won a lot of awards and many of the songs were written by some amazing Minneapolis artists such as the song “Not Ready to make Nice” by Dan Wilson of Semisonic. Which leads me to my thoughts on today’s blog as that exact song came on my Ipod today driving down the road and it kind of struck a chord in me.

“Forgive sounds good, forget I’m not sure I could they say time heals everything but I’m still waiting” That is the opening versus to the song think about those words. So many times in life we get mad at someone something and sometimes it can be something pretty bad and sometimes it’s not that bad but we overreact and still get angry. To forgive can be very hard thing to do sometimes likewise with forget but as life goes on we need to try and forgive and forget. Time does heal things typically and like the song says “I’m still waiting” as in it can take a long time. I use to be this way I use to get angry and still do and sometimes I would hold onto something longer than I should and struggle to forgive and forget and sometimes you just can’t do either like the deal with my brother but most things you can forgive and forget and move on with life. My outlook on this really changed when my father died I was angry that he was taken from me from his family at the young age of 63 I was mad that I did not spend more quality time with him and say some things to him that I should have. But after that moment is when things hit me to let go and live life to its fullest and live in the moment. So as I say if something happened to me would I want to go out with looming anger or not forgiving someone for something that made me “mad as hell” like the song says.

The song touches on other meanings as well and the world is full of hate and ugliness that is just not needed. People need to learn how to put differences aside and find common ground find a respect for one another and help build a positive world and peaceful world.

“I’m not ready to make nice, I’m not ready to back down” When you start to feel that way stop for a second and think how bad is it? Can I get over it can I be the better person and forgive and forget and move on and live life happy? “It’s too late to make it right” is another line as I say to people all the time in the world of endurance sports “It’s never too late” I see 80 year old dudes run marathons compete in Triathlons so it is never too late to chase your dreams and goals. So why when anger arises and you don’t want to make nice do you say it’s too late? Because we do need to make it right we do need to forgive and forget and we do need to quit living in the past and holding on to grudges as its not healthy. Until one heals and let’s go they will be miserable and make those around them miserable.

So we need to make nice and we need to get along and live in a world of happiness live in the moment and make the most of each and every breath. Because life is too short and our judgment day might be just around the corner so think about things and if you left the world today would you be OK with how things are? We are all mad as hell and will continue to get mad as hell but just remember these words “Forgive sounds good, forget and time heals everything” It might take a little time but we need to let go and move on.


Sorry to get so deep on you today, hopefully my ramblings from that song made sense? I have just had some dealings in the last week that when this song came on made me think. I have had some anger felt something’s from people you think are your friend and then you learn maybe not? Or maybe I’m overreacting? Whatever it may be tomorrow is a new day and we just need to move on and be happy forgive and forget.

Today’s workout: Good thing we ran early this morning when the weather was warm and no wind because winter showed up! so 5:45am this morning the marathon training group and I busted out 7.22 miles of running over a hilly route the goal was keep pace slow and conversational and then on 4 hills mixed in the route we would push the pace hard up the hill and then recover. Mission accomplished and great run!! also got some weight lifting in which felt good.


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