I’ll Run beside you

8 Jan

I’ll run beside you……

This morning I had another thought in mind to blog about but then I put on this beautiful album on my Itunes titled “Spokes” by my very close friend Todd Beeson. Todd and I go way back and during his process of making this work of art I got to hear the tracks bounce ideas with him etc… and now that the end product is out it is truly that a beautiful piece of art.

So the opening track “I’ll Run beside you” came on and I have been playing it over and over because the lyrics are just hitting me this morning. This song has a meaning that I get because I know Todd very well and many of us can listen to this song and get that same meaning as it’s more of a love song. About how things can change nothing remains the same but that you are still connected to that person and that you will run beside them be with them through anything because of that connection you share. Relationships are hard but as long as the two people stay connected and run beside each other things can be beautiful. But that’s not where I’m taking the meaning of this song today.
I’m going to take the meaning of this song into my world as a coach and running. Sure a play on words I’ll run beside you but it also makes sense and work. I look at it like this I coach people, athletes in running and Triathlon and I like those people to know that I will run beside them literally and in a more meaningful sense of the word. As in I’m here to help them reach their goals to believe in them and guide them down the right path. “Who knows where the finish line may be” that is a lyric in the bridge think about that now. Who knows where the finish line may be? As athlete and coach we start this journey and we have a plan we have goals but who knows where the finish line may really be? If both parties connect that finish line could be years down the road and many great moments. If the two parties don’t connect that finish line may be a 5k distance and then you cross it and the journey is over. “I know that things will change nothing stays the same” take this now during this journey as things will change during the training cycle you will get more fit, you might incur an injury? Whatever happens things change and so the two parties need to roll with that change and adapt. The next part “Were connected you and me” So as those things change as the plan shifts and goes one way or another you still have that connection and that connection keeps you bonded and together to change the plan and stay on the path and on that journey to reach that end goal. That connection is the power the power that can take you far and can make you both great!

So as I say to my athletes, my friends and my family I’ll run beside you. “Who knows where the finish line may be” but I’ll run beside you and we will get there together and while doing so enjoying a wonderful journey together. My wife and daughter mean the world to me and that connection is there so even when things change and the path may be getting derailed that connection brings everyone back on the same path and off to the finish line we go. The same goes for my athlete’s we share that connection of passion for sport the passion and desire to improve and be the best we can be. I put full trust into each athlete I work with and I tell them I’m here for them and will run beside them until we reach that finish line and who knows where that may be? I will change with them and I look for them to change with me but keep that connection between us so that we can work together as a unit as a team to achieve their goals and do it in a fun and healthy way.

I have an extreme passion for life and for people and having wonderful friends like Todd Beeson people like Todd in your life that write such beautiful songs words that resonate in my head all the time and bring meaning to life makes me feel so lucky!

I worked in the music business for many years and many of those artists that I call my good friends are also some of the most talented people in the world. Another band that I will have to write about The Melismatics share the same thing to me as Todd does. Ryan writes some really meaningful lyrics that really hit home and the band just rips and rocks them out! A song from their last album “Digging Deep” has long been my mantra in races and the list goes on of beautiful songs and meaningful lyrics written by Ryan Smith.

Cheers to all the great artists to all the people who create this beautiful art for all of us to interrupt in our own light. Without song the world would be depressing, without inspiring endurance athletes it would not be that exciting either.

So this morning I say thank you to the runners and athletes who have allowed me to coach them those who believe in me and I believe in them. Those who have become my friends and share the same crazy passions that I do those who train with me and support me as I support them. I say thank you to Todd to The Melismatics and all the other artists out there creating beautiful works of art for us all to share. I say thank you for those who actually read my blog and my words and maybe like them? I’m a little out there I know but I hope you all enjoy my words and find meaning in them sometimes. It’s hard to pour your soul out there and leave it open to be ripped on etc… critics and people can be harsh always critiquing your every move bashing things and most the time those people have no clue. So enjoy ones art for what it is like my word or don’t like them they are just my thoughts for you my art

Happy Sunday! Cheers!!
Coach MB

Today’s workout: I teach a new “performance cycle class” this is a 2 hour ride that will focus on intervals in zone 2/3 you’re aerobic zones. I will be helping people build base and get more cardio endurance in them. After the cycle class some people will meet me and we are heading into the woods to run about 6 miles of single track trails. Should be beautiful!


2 Responses to “I’ll Run beside you”

  1. runninfromthelaw January 8, 2012 at 3:22 pm #

    Love the song! I just found it and listened to it. Great words and inspiration.

  2. Mary Walcker January 8, 2012 at 11:46 pm #

    Good evening Mike
    I just began to be an active member of your blog.
    You inspire me beyond words.

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