New Year’s resolutions…..

31 Dec

New Year’s resolutions and following through.

Every year comes to an end, every year people talk about making changes in themselves for the new year these “resolutions” things that they can improve on maybe a new challenge they can go after whatever it may be this becomes the common theme at year’s end. But so often people make these “New Year’s resolutions” and then follow the plan for maybe a couple weeks and then they fall apart and give up on their goals and dreams and never see them through. So 2011 was a very difficult year for the world the economy is awful so many have lost jobs, the housing market the stock market all in the tank. So as we head into 2012 and you start to think about your new resolutions put some thought into them and then find someone to hold you accountable hold yourself accountable and make sure you don’t give up until the goal is reached or the year ends and it’s time for some new ones.

I encourage you to think outside the box with this and to not be afraid. So many times we are scared to take that plunge and do something that sounds fun is a dream for us but also scares us. Trust in yourself and believe make that your word for 2012 “believe” because if you believe then anything and everything is possible.

I am very lucky because I get to surround myself with some really amazing and inspiring people, people that help me believe. So find those people in your life those who can help you believe in yourself and your dreams those who can help be there as your rock your support. I live each day trying to help people make them believe in themselves and help them stay on task to reach their goals and that anything and everything they want they can obtain. I never ask for much as my reward is seeing them complete that goal and the smile on their face when they do is reward enough.

2011 was filled with many difficult moments and some great ones! But as I look ahead to 2012 anything is possible and I’m looking at it as a new year a new start and a chance to chase some goals I have and a chance to help others chase their goals. I have things that I want to do better and working on those ways to go about that. I have fitness goals, professional goals and spiritual goals. I have goals for my family and hope to be able to help them through the year chase those and complete them. I plan to be alongside my friends supporting them as they venture out on their journey and follow the path to completing their goals they set as “new year’s resolution”.

My biggest goal for the year hinges on if I can get a slot into Ironman Arizona I’m working on it and still don’t know if I’ll get in? But to not only complete an Ironman distance Triathlon but to qualify for Kona the Ironman World Championships is my ultimate goal for the year. And to do that it will take a lot of hard work and dedication it will take a lot of mental focus and a lot of support from my friends and family. If I don’t get an entry into Ironman AZ then I have other goals I’ll be chasing as well and my main focus will get a little shifted but nonetheless I will have focus.

I wish you all well as we head into 2012 this New Year. I wish you the best of luck in chasing those dreams and sticking with your plan. But most of all I hope that you all “believe”!!

Coach MB

Today’s workout: an amazing beautiful trail run by myself getting lost in the woods running single track trails. Distance was 6.75 miles pace easy like 7:40 it was a mind clearing spiritual type run.
Tomorrow morning a 14 mile run with the group of runners I coach can’t w


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