Don’t Think hate, Think Love!

28 Dec

“Don’t Think hate, Think Love”

Today’s blog comes inspired to me by the morning workout and from my running bible so to speak a book I refer to often “Running Within” by Jerry Lynch and Warren Scott.

The workout today was hill repeats a lot of runners don’t like hills because they are hard they make us hurt a little and they make us work and breather harder than just running down the flat road. But we all know this type of workout is very good for us and builds strength, it builds cardio endurance, it’s builds mental toughness and at the end of it we are thankful we did them. Nonetheless when we start these and stare up at the hill we are about to run repeats on we often give “I hate hills” type of thought and words and thus start the workout off on the wrong note.

Hate thoughts physiologically slow you down. Yes for some people hate and anger can seem to make you run faster or perform well as we all have stress in life and often times use running to release that stress and so at the start of the run as your shaking out that stress your pace can be quick you’re heart rate can elevate and thus overall seem like you performed a great workout. However over time I think that person would perform better if their nervous systems were bathed in positive thought patterns. Sure that aggression run can be great now and again but not every day and over time that will wear you down and end up having a negative effect on your performance. So I say turn that frown upside down and focus on the positive thoughts the happy motivational vibes inside you and get into a moment of pure positivity.
Strong negative emotional thoughts induce limbic excitation, which in turn tenses your muscles and increases your heart rate, blood pressure and energy utilization. So if you like to use heart rate monitor and try to run within certain zones but have all this negative emotions in you then you might be doing harm and not performing where you should be.

So affirm that you love hills, and you will enjoy attacking them and feel invigorated as you run them and will it help you keep good form and avoid injury. Hills build strength and to me they are like a shot of adrenaline in a race as you pass people cruising up them. When you embrace hill running and learn to love them you can begin to use those workouts to train your heart and lungs in way that no other workout can.
Embrace hills, embrace positive energy, keep pure thoughts stay focused on things you are doing right stay focused on positive things in your life and shrug away the negative. When you let the negative energy grow in you then it wins whatever has made that negative energy build is winning and having that evil affect on you. So shake it out and keep focused on the positive things around you.

Have a great day! Go run some hills! And stay mentally strong and you will become more physically stronger.

Coach MB

Today’s workout: 8 miles of running with 4 hill repeats on a .30 mile long hill even did a few push-ups at the top. It was good fun!! worked on marathon pace up the hill and relaxed going down the hill.


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