“Can’t” is a bad word!

14 Dec

“Can’t” eliminate that word from you’re vocabulary because anything is possible.

Today’s blog post is inspired from watching my Ironman World Championship DVD’s from past years and hearing the stories of some amazing people. It also is inspired by the athletes I coach and their amazing stories and dedication to work hard and achieve great things.
To all them and all of the inspiring people who don’t let anything get in their way thank you!

The word “Can’t” is a word I really don’t like and should not be used very often because the fact is you can but you have to try. As I watched the 2007 Ironman World Championship DVD this morning there was an older gentleman on there who was blind and needed a guide to compete and finish this 140.6 mile race. Can you imagine how hard that would be? I have met a pretty elite runner in Boston once also who is blind and runs sub 3 hour marathons or how about the people who lose their legs and need to use prosthetic ones. People with these disabilities and more show that if you want something and are willing to work for it anything is possible. Do you think any of these people use the word can’t? I doubt it! Hearing stories of people like this fire me up they get me so inspired and they make me work harder and push myself more and more to achieve my goals. Stories like this remind me that anything is possible and never say never or should I say never say “can’t”.

The world is full of overweight people kids and adults. Many of those people say I can’t run or bike or whatever the exercise is. They act like they can’t put down those chips and soda and get healthy. But then you meet the ones who say “I can” and lookout these are another group of very motivating and inspiring people. They said enough is enough and went out and made a change they said I can run a 5k and then that turns into a 10k and then a marathon. It can be done you just have to believe and eliminate that word can’t.

There are countless stories out there of amazing people who eliminated the word “can’t” and starting doing. Like the Nike slogan says “Just Do It” that’s so simple and yet so powerful! I write about this from an athletic side of things but it does not have to be. This applies in your daily life at work at home anything you do. Just say I can and start doing and you will be amazed at all the things that will open up to you in this world. If you start out saying I can’t do that then you have beaten yourself before you even try.
So get out there and make it happen start saying I can!!
Your special and amazing and if you believe in yourself then others will believe in you also.

Coach MB

Today’s workout:
Coach my marathon group and do hill work; 7.5 miles of running with warm-up and cool down. We did three loops of this 1.5 mile rolling hill loop. Each loop had a target pace to hit. Little drizzle and 37 degrees in Minnesota on a December day sure was nice and the run was spectacular! The group looked amazing and ran very well. This is a very inspiring and special group of people! I’m so glad to have them as friends and as athletes to coach and train with.

Yesterday’s workout:
Joined my Life Time Fitness corporate run club buddies and we did 8.5 mile tempo run. A good 15 minute warm-up then 60/60’s 10 of them which means 60 seconds at 5:05 pace and 60 seconds at 7min pace and then a nice cool down back to the club. It was a tough workout but felt great!! Ran in shorts also on December 13th love that!!


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