What moves you?

11 Dec

What moves you?

This morning I watched the 2011 Ironman World Championship Triathlon on TV. This is the pinnacle of all endurance races if you make Kona that is special and if you finish Kona even more impressive. But there are so many truly amazing and inspiring events that happen every week in this world it does not have to be an Ironman distance Triathlon even a 5k road race can be something very moving. And as special as it is to see the Pro’s race fast and set world records it’s the athletes at the back of the pack that move me. It’s those people who are not out to win any prize money but rather are out there for other reasons. Those people who train all year as they juggle work and family life all for the shot at crossing that finish line.

I get emotional at many of the events I compete in every year I love to stay around and cheer for people and watch them cross that finish line. In 2010 I ran the Las Vegas half marathon with a friend and my wife we had finished the race watched the Brett Michaels concert and were on our way back to shower at the hotel when the last runners of the marathon came running in to the finish line we stood and cheered. Those are the stories that really move me those of people who took on a very daunting challenge and never gave up.

Watching Ironman this morning hearing the various stories of people and then watching them finish as their bodies are giving out on them they fall and stumble but pick themselves back up and keep going. It’s the mother who found out she has cancer and who knows how much longer she will be alive the man who lost his legs and yet gets some prosthetic ones and goes on. It’s these wills to never give up to not let a little obstacle derail them and get in their way of that finish line that really move me.

I know every time I cross the finish line I feel this huge rush of emotions the sense of accomplishment and it moves me to keep doing this. I can remember watching my wife cross the finish line for her first 5k and how that moved me and then when she did her first half marathon and then onto her first full marathon all great moments! Watching my daughter Bella since she was 6 years old run 5k’s, and compete in Triathlon and how excited and moved I get.
One of the most moving races I go to every year is the Miracle kids Triathlon. This is a kids Triathlon and all the kids who compete raise money and race for a child with cancer a child who can’t race. Seeing the smiles on those children with cancer the smiles on the kids racing it’s something very powerful and moving.

So think about it what moves you? What motivates you to take on a challenge that seems daunting? What keeps you going to never quit, never give up and finish that mission you set out on. This is the question I ask you today this is the question you need to ask yourself and this is the question that once you answer you use as your mantra and motivation to carry you through to the end goal.

Dare to be great, dream big, anything is possible and keep living the dream! Support those around you and look at them as inspiration, motivation!

Have a beautiful day
Coach MB


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