Speed work for running

6 Dec

Tonight kicked off the “track” workouts for my new marathon and half marathon training group.

As a coach and as a runner the track workouts or speed interval sessions are one of the most important workouts each week if your goal is to run faster.

But the key to these workouts for me as a coach is not just about making them run as fast as they can for a certain distance. It’s about learning how to run and manage pace how to race.

Tonight I tested each athlete in the mile, half mile and quarter mile to see where their current fitness level is so that as I build workouts for them each week I know what kind of pace I can give them. It’s also a bench mark so in 12 weeks or so when I test them again they can see how they have progressed.

Speed work teaches a runner how to pace and how to increase their anaerobic threshold. So I will now give a runner workouts based on their all out paces and can say I want splits at a certain speed and make them work on learning their paces and what it feels like to run a pace they can sustain for a race.

Interval and speed training builds cardio endurance also and helps teach the body how to use oxygen and activate those fast twitch fibers.

So if your goal is to get faster make sure you add one day a week in for some speed intervals and hard work at the track doing 400’s, 800’s or mile repeats and work on paces.

the amount of recovery time you give yourself inbetween efforts helps in building this cardio endurance also. So if you have a workout planned for the next day you might want to give equal rest to the amount of time spent pushing hard. But if you don’t have much of a workout the next day I suggest go about half the time spent going hard for rest time. So if you do a hard effort for 2 minutes go 1 minute of rest. The faster you can recover after a hard effort the more fit you are and the more ready you are to push and race at that pace you want to.

Happy Training!
Coach MB


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