Run Naked!

3 Dec

Running Naked:

So what do you think I mean when I say running naked? No it does not mean take your clothes off and go running, all though that might be interesting to see it could get you in a little trouble. 
So run naked what I’m talking about is disconnect from your electronics like those Garmin GPS watches, don’t think about time or pace and just go running. I love my Garmin GPS watch as much as the next person and I love looking at data and analyze it. But there is something so free and rewarding about coming unplugged stepping out the door and just going for a run. I call this going for a Forrest Gump run; just put on those shoes and run. I think everyone needs to incorporate a day like this into their training plan each week and just get back to the fun of running.

Sure the GPS watch and all the data it gives us helps us become better runners and faster and so on. But it also can mess with our mind as if we can’t keep the pace we want that day then we tend to get down on ourselves and play those evil mind games that can really mess us up. So why not take ourselves back to a simpler time a time when these watches did not exist back to when we were kids and just went running.

The key to a naked run like what I prescribe in training plans I write is; go out for 30,45,60 minutes whatever it is and just run how your body feels that day. You need to stay really relaxed and aerobic and not push yourself. When you finish the run it should feel easy and you should not be spent but yet you should be rejuvenated. The goal of the run besides having fun and getting some exercise is to also clear the mind and get some good thinking and stress relief in.

The other thing you need to unplug from is that pesky Ipod. My thought is you should not be doing much running outdoors with an Ipod anyway but for sure on these “naked” days.
Listen to your breathing, listen to nature and soak it all in. This will make your naked run very enjoyable.

Enjoy your day and go for a naked run.

Coach MB

So this week in running:
I logged 58.75 miles of running, did a 3 hour cycle ride on my trainer, taught a 60 minute cycle class, rode 30 minutes of a cycle class, a couple swims, and some core exercises, push-ups and a bit of weight training.
The body is feeling pretty good, have started working on some speed, and have been doing a lot of hill running.


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