2 Dec

Mantra’s for power to get through tough moments;

A mantra is a saying that you use for focus for strength to power through tough times. I use mantras all the time when I race and even during hard workouts. A good mantra can take your focus from the pain you may feel and direct it toward the task at hand and help you finish that race or workout strong.

A mantra can be one word or a saying. I one read that Kara Goucher uses the word “fighter” as a mantra a lot. In my last marathon I used “Dig Deep finish strong” I would say this over and over and use it to direct my focus to pushing through the pain and getting to the finish line.

A good mantra can also be song lyrics maybe you sing a song over and over in your head? Maybe it’s an uplifting and inspirational song? On race days as I drive to the race site and maybe even walk to the start line I will listen to music and pick certain songs that have meaning to me and lyrics that are easy to recite and get me pumped up.

So think about your mantra, find something you can say over and over in rhythm something meaningful and motivational. Get your mind focused get into your rhythm and chant that mantra over and over and finish that workout or race strong.

Coach MB

Today’s workout:
I taught a 60 minute cycle class today working on “tempo” intervals slow builds. I would get the riders to find a steady cadence about 90-95 rpm’s and each minute add resistance making it harder to sustain that same speed and then would close the interval with a sprint and push into anaerobic threshold land.
After class I bundled up and went outside for a run. My new favorite place to run has become the arboretum and running the trails in nature through the woods along the streams and ponds. I got 5.75 miles in pounding through a fresh dusting of snow. It was a sunny day out a little windy but the run was so peaceful! It was not a hard effort run but just a nice and easy relaxed pace.


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