Trail Running get out and do it!

28 Nov

Get outside and into nature and trail run:

This season I got introduced to trail running and ever since that first run through the woods I have taken a liking to it very much.

As mainly a road runner always looking for speed and to get faster and stronger as a runner it was great to find some beauty in trail running. The joys of trail running I think are so beneficial to ones training and enjoyment for the sport of running. There is nothing easy about trail running but you can make it so enjoyable. Get out and get lost in the woods in an open field and just follow the path that is plowed for you. I love to not pay attention to my Garmin and just run aerobically so not push the pace too fast and soak in my surroundings. You will see deer, birds, squirrels and all kinds of critters as you run.

Places to look for great trails to run on are parks and places that they mow cross country ski paths or places that have mountain bike trails. In Minnesota one of my favorite places to run is the Landscape Arboretum in Chanhassen, another is Highland Park in Bloomington. These trails offer a variety of terrain and some steep hills that will for sure give you a good workout.

Trail running is good for the body and the mind; it makes you think as you have to pay attention to your footing and you are also in awe of the beautiful surroundings sometimes. The softness of the dirt paths can be very good on your joints as well and help on a recovery day if you’re a bit sore from some hard road miles. The other good thing trail running does for you on recovery days is it slows you down. Because of the terrain and the unknown of where you are going sometimes it makes you slow your pace to watch out for obstacles and to navigate the trail. This is a very good thing because sometimes we sure have the tendency to run too fast all the time and we need something to slow us down.

Trail running typically requires a different type of shoe also, one maybe with more traction maybe a little more stability and maybe even water proof. Some of my favorite trail shoes are made by Salomon and KSwiss. Check out the Speed Cross by Salomon and the Blade Trail by KSwiss two very nice trail shoes.

So get out before the snow flies and these beautiful trails become ski trials and enjoy running in nature. No stop lights, no traffic, just beautiful outdoors and nature. Mix this into your training plans and take advantage of all the benefits trail running has to offer.

Coach MB

Today I ran 7.4 miles of trails through the Arboretum it was just beautiful!! I was learning some new routes in there and just getting lost!! The route was loaded with hills and it got to be taxing on the legs. I mustered up a 6:45 avg pace for the run which considering the terrain and the fact it was my easy day trying to run aerobic I thought was not too bad


One Response to “Trail Running get out and do it!”

  1. Jake December 4, 2011 at 2:13 am #

    Got to get over to lowery nature center… Its the bomb

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