Why I love to Run

10 Nov

Why I love to run:

Running is a freedom, it’s a place we can go and get lost in our thoughts shake out the daily stresses and get fit at the same time. Running is something that we take for granted sometimes because we just assume we can always do it. But we need to respect the run we need to respect the fact that some people can’t run and wish that they could. And that if something comes our way as a road block it does not mean that we have to lose our running freedom. I see it in races all the time people with disabilities who don’t let it slow them down and get out there and run. I’ve met a guy who is legally blind and runs marathons in the 2:40’s!! So respect the freedom to run, embrace the freedom to run and get out and run baby run!

Running is that freedom for me that peaceful place in my day when I can let the worries of life sit on the side and I can just breathe the fresh air outside. I run to stay healthy, to get fit, I run for competition and to get faster. I love to run with my family and friends and I love to run alone.

When I’m on the road alone pounding out miles my mind wonders and some great thoughts roll in and out some things I remember and am able to write them down and share with you all and some come and go from my head before the run ends. Since my father passed away three years ago many times I run and talk to dad and think of him and times we shared when he was alive. I think of the runners I coach, my friends, my family and how important all of them are to me. I don’t run outdoors with headphones and music ever don’t believe in it. I love this time of running to be simple and pure to listen to birds, to hear the wind howl soak in the sights of nature, the city or wherever I may be running.

Life is stressful and has so many ups and downs. But running is always there it’s always consistent. Sure some runs are better than others so I guess running has its ups and downs also but any run is a good run and I would take running any day over just about anything. Running releases the stress of the day in each little drop of sweat and any day that starts out with a run is bound to be a good one?!

So lace up those shoes takes to the open road and enjoy nature the fresh air and run! Don’t worry about distance or time or speed just run to run and feel free feel like a kid again.

Run baby run!



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