Live life to it’s fullest!

7 Nov

Live every moment to its fullest!

This week I’m going to write about my father and about how we need to look at things in life because we never know when our time is up and therefore you need to live life happy and the its fullest!

My father passed away 3 years ago; he was only 63 years old which is very young. Dad had diabetes and it really played a role in running his body down over the course of his life. As a kid I witnessed dad taking insulin shots twice a day, checking his blood sugar etc… it was hard. As dad grew older his kidney’s failed and he had to go on dialysis and on a wait list for a kidney. He chooses to carry around his dialysis machine with him and hook up every night so he could travel vs going into the places every couple days. This was a lot of work but worth it to him because he wanted to be able to travel north and see his granddaughter. Then the transplant came, dad got a kidney! But two years after getting his kidney dad had a brain stroke a very severe one that pretty much paralyzed him. His speech was a mess he struggled to be able to say simple words to us. We had him in a few different rehabilitation places working on getting his motor skills back but it just was not working things kept going downhill. So from January until November of 2008 it was a really tough time so hard to see my father that way so hard to see a man I use to fish with, play golf go to car races and watch Iowa football games with not even be able to hold much of a conversation with you. It took a toll hard on my mother as dad was everything to her she did nothing without him. Dad passed away on November 9th 2008 and this week every year is a struggle for me, in-fact the entire fall can be tough cause dad loved Iowa football and so every time the Iowa football team takes the field I get emotional thinking of dad calling me up and saying “What about them Hawks”.

So this week as I write stories and think about dad, think about your life think about those around you and know that we never know when our time may come? And live life to its fullest enjoys every moment and makes the most of it! 63 years old is so young dad had so much more to live for so much more to do.

When you wake up each day you have choices to make, be happy, be mad whatever it may be. So why choose to be angry? Why choose to fight with someone when you can wake up and put a smile on your face and walk out that door positive saying I’m going to make a difference I’m going to be happy and help those around me smile. I know I like to wake up each day and look at it like a fresh start and go out with a smile and make the most of it. Sure some day’s things happen and we get upset or sad that’s normal. The key is to not let it linger not hold on to it and let it ruin our day our week our life. If you let those things hang around and you let things put you in a depressive state an angry state and then something happens and you’re gone how bad that is! You don’t want to leave this earth having regrets you don’t want to leave angry at someone you care about. You want to leave having given your all and making those around you smiles and on your terms knowing you was a great person and those around you agree.

My father was a great man, he helped make me who I am but I live every day with some regrets about our relationship and it hurts. Dad knows how much I love him and we had a lot of great times together but I also did not say a lot of things maybe I should have or done things maybe I should have because I thought he would just be around for a lot longer.

So what I’m saying don’t hold back, make the most of every moment your given in life and live with no regrets don’t think someone will be around forever because they may not and you need to let them know how you feel always! Enjoy the people in your life, enjoy your life and make good choices, choices that allow you to wake up with a smile and go to bed with a smile.


John Buenting love you dad!


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