Awe-spiring and overcoming adversity!

6 Nov

Awe-spiring and overcoming adversity

Many things happened over this first weekend in November. I’ll start with my trip to Iowa and to lovely Kinnick stadium. As you know last week the Iowa Hawkeyes came into Minnesota as heavy favorites and walked out losers. Hawkeye nation was up in arms we all thought the world had ended and players were left shaking their heads saying what happened?

On Saturday Hawkeye faithful was restored and life is good in Iowa! The players and coaches of the Hawkeyes knew hey that was one game we have four more games to go and we can still have a great season. So Coach Ferentz and his staff rallied the team fired them up and walked into Kinnick on Saturday with their swagger and ready to redeem themselves! The opponent #13 Michigan a very dangerous team; The Hawkeye D stepped up and played the game of the season Saturday they showed that they have life and can overcome heartache and adversity. The team rallied and upset #13 Michigan and walked out of Kinnick with their heads held high and Hawkeye nation going crazy again. Those kids showed that hey sometimes things don’t go your way but instead of staying down and giving up you pick yourself up and keep pushing and fighting.

In life this happens to us often something comes our way and we lose the battle a battle we should have won. I know many times I’ve toed the line for a race and then underperformed I sulked for a day over it and then picked myself right back up got back to working hard and went out the next time and redeemed myself. When adversity hits when the ball does not bounce your way don’t give up keep fighting!! You need to stay positive always and always know things can and will turn around.

Congrats to the Iowa Hawkeye football team for bouncing back and getting all of us in Hawkeye nation fired up again!

For the Awe-spiring moment of the day watching the NYC marathon; which first I’ll say congrats to all the finishers and all of you are inspiring! Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya was amazing!! Not only did Mutai win the NYC marathon but he also set the course record which had stood for 10 years in a time of 2:05! The other amazing piece of Mutai in 2011 is he won the Boston marathon back in April and set that course record and blazed in at a 2:03!! The guy is wicked fast and on a roll! So huge congrats to Mutai for his amazing marathon finishes this season!! Kenya is going to be tough to beat in London next summer!

Today’s workout: I ran 8.25 miles today mostly flat on the LRT it was very very windy out but temps are nice. I started out with my wife Shannon running the first mile with her then I blazed ahead and ran some tempo miles at 6 minute pace. I then picked back up with Shannon on the trail ran a bit more with her then blazed ahead again for some more faster miles. I was feeling pretty good today and it was nice to knock out some miles after eating crap food all weekend.
I’m starting to get my legs back and that feels good!



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