Make it hurt! a little pain is OK

3 Nov

Pain in athletics:

This morning as I ran not once but twice and was talking with the runners and then thinking about my own self. The word pain and pushing through when tired seemed to be a theme.

This happens a lot as athletes, we get tired and we don’t like pain or want to hurt thus we back off and don’t push ourselves and allow ourselves to get better, and faster. As athletes we always talk about wanting to get faster, PR, get a BQ time etc…. but then when it comes to our training we cut ourselves short and don’t push as hard as we need to sometimes and therefore don’t allow ourselves to grow and get stronger and faster.

Now as I write this please if you feel injury type of pain stop and asses what is wrong and don’t push through that. But if it’s just the I’m tired fatigue pain that won’t hurt you if you keep fighting to go that little bit farther that little bit faster then I say suck it up and make it hurt!!
When you’re in a race and your fighting for a podium spot or that PR time you’re going to get tired and have to learn how to dig deep and finish strong. You’re going to have to battle through the pain, the tired legs, and the soaring heart rate and learn how to get through it and get to that finish line leaving nothing on the course. So if we race like that why not have a few moments like that in training? Not every day every workout can be hard and push you to the brink but once maybe twice a week is good. And even on an easy day workout if you’re struggling to even sustain that LSD pace the workout calls for and you start slowing down or cutting miles etc… again suck it up and finish that workout as planned at the pace as prescribed.

If you want to achieve success and lofty goals you put out for yourself it’s going to require some seriously hard work, some tough efforts that will challenge you physically and mentally. The body will do the work and often times the body truly is not tired and the legs are OK but our mind plays the trick on us and says I’m tired I don’t feel like working too hard because when I’m done I want to feel good. So work on that mind overcome the head games and finish what you started and feel proud at the end, feel like damn I just worked my butt of.

Again I say this in regards to just tiredness pain, not a potential injury pain if you get pain that could be something serious please don’t power though and run the risk of doing more damage slow down maybe even walk or ask for a ride in. Take injuries serious and take re-hab serious.

Keep focus on your training, keep aiming and reaching high in the sky! Work hard and make it hurt!



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