31 Oct

Passion; (A powerful emotion, a boundless enthusiasm)
That is the definition of the word passion. Passion can be used to become great at something be used to help you succeed. And passion can be used in a harmful way that is destructive and not so productive. Either way as stated above passion is powerful!

I use passion in the sense of when I enjoy something let’s say running I get very passionate about it. I use my passion for the sport of running to become a better runner, and to help others with running. I don’t coach athletes and go run with them because I want to make money at it (sure I would love to make a full time career of this and make good money) but rather I do it because I have passion for the sport and for helping others.

If you are passionate about something your chances to succeed at it are high! If you lack passion and just kind of do something and go through the motions not really sure what drives you to get better then your chances to succeed are lessoned a great deal.

To me passion is a fire that burns inside you, a fire that is always going and you want to eat, sleep and dream about that passion constantly.

So take the things you love to do, you are passionate about and strive to get better and better at them. Find great success within yourself within the things you have great passion about and share that with others. Find a way to use your passion to excite others and help others get better.

I’m going to keep taking my passion for running, for Triathlon and keep pushing those around me to dream big and achieve great success.


The last two day’s workouts:
Sunday’s workout was sit in the cycle studio and ride for 3 hours while watching the Vikings football game. There was a small group and we rode keeping our heart rates in a aerobic zone but working on having a fast cadence always in the 90-95rpm. During commercial breaks we would add resistance to the bikes and climb hills which would shoot the heart rate up a few beats and then relax when the game came back on. After the ride a few of us laced up the running shoes and headed outside for a 4 mile run in the cool fall air.

Monday’s workout was a 7.25 mile run with Lyndsay taking her out for some hill repeats on one of my favorite hills (Highover). It was just over a 2 mile warm-up out to the hill we did 5 hill repeats pushing the pace up and relaxing on the way down. Once finished with those we took a relaxed run back to the club and ended up with 7.25 miles of running for the day.


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