My Top 5 bands I could not live without!

25 Oct

Top 5 Bands I could not live without their music:

5. The Supersuckers
The Supersuckers are one of those classic rock bands that have done a variety of things with their music over the years. They have always stayed more on the indie scene and never really hit mainstream, they have stuck to their style and what they like to play without a bunch of record execs telling them how to record and what to record. The Supersuckers rock loud and straight ahead, they can tone it down with a classic country sounding ballad and they can keep your feet stomping! Some of my favorite Supersuckers songs are; “Double Wide”, “Fisticuffs”, “Creepy Jackalope”, “Hungover together”, and “Born with a tail”.

4. Social Distortion
Social D is has long time been a favorite of mine with their punk rock roots and straight ahead guitar rock sound to the insightful lyrics of Mike Ness. Social Distortion has been around since 1980 starting out as a punk rock band coming out of Orange County, CA. They have gone from small little indie band struggling to making it to signing a deal with a major label and tasting the sweet success of having radio hits and videos on MTV. If you’re a fan of kick ass sounding guitars great riffs and a high energy live show then you must look no further than Social D!
A few of my favorite classic Social D songs are; “Prison Bound”, “Ball and Chain”, “Mommy’s little monster”, “Reach for the sky”, “Don’t drag me down”, and the classic remake of a Johnny Cash song “Ring of Fire”.

3. Metallica
Metallica are the kings of speed metal! When they came on the scene with their debut album “Kill em all” most of the metal world including myself was blown away! It was raw, it was fast and it rocked! Then came the classic “Ride the Lighting” with famed songs like “For whom the bell tolls”. But during the Master of Puppets tour bassist Cliff Burton was tragically killed in an accident, the band took some time after that but then found bassist Jason Newsted and changed up their sound and came out with the legendary “Black album” with the hit song “Enter Sandman” this was the album that launched Metallica into mainstream and made them the largest band in rock! As a true metal head and fan of this band I prefer the early years to the later years the band still rocks and I still buy their records but give me “Master of Puppets” any day over their latest record. So when it’s time to rock it’s time to pull out Metallica!

2. Jane’s Addiction
In 1991 when the Lollapalooza tour was created we all thought this was the finale for Jane’s Addiction and it was for a long time. And then Perry was able to bring Dave and Stephen back together with a new bass player and start creating beautiful music again! But when we go back in time nothing rocks more and got me hooked on this band more than the album “Nothing’s Shocking”. That album is one hit song after another from “Up the beach” to “Mountain song”. Jane’s Addiction then followed up the success of “Nothings Shocking” with “Ritual De lo Habitual” and the song “Been caught stealing” that really sent the band into mainstream. Jane’s Addiction live shows were always full of energy, great stage sets, and mood lighting. Perry is an amazing and charismatic front man that always has you engaged. They can kick your ass with songs like “Stop” or they can calm you with long melodic tunes like “Classic Girl”. Not one bad song exists in the Jane’s Addiction catalog from day one until their latest release “The Great Escape Artist” They just keep their music current, beautiful and rocking!!

1. The Beatles
Who could ever argue that anyone has written more beautiful songs, more songs that will stand the test of time and never get old than the fab four! The Beatles are and always will be one of the most influential bands in history. The Beatles were innovators of crazy recording techniques with Sir. George Martin, they went from tongue and cheek pop numbers to crazy whacked out songs with instrument experimentation and deep meaningful lyrics. There is no such thing as a bad song by The Beatles. I love the Lennon and McCartney stuff and I love the Harrison and Star stuff all amazing!! My favorite Beatles albums are; “Sgt. Peppers”, “Revolver”, and “Abby Road”. But again they have so many amazing songs that I love the entire catalog! And then a few years ago when they teamed up with Cirque De Soliel and did the production “Love” and then remixed a bunch of their songs and mashed them up and made beautiful new master pieces of them just truly amazing!! I have loved the Beatles since I was a small kid and they will always stand the test of time as the greatest band to me.


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