Gotta Have Heart

21 Jun

Gotta Have Heart!


As a running coach last season I came up with the motto “Gotta Have Heart” this had double meaning in my message to the group. 1. You have to have heart to pump the blood and supply oxygen to your muscles so that you can run and train etc… 2. The most important part of how I use it is that you have to have heart to train and push yourself to your limits. As in you need to have guts and you have to be strong and mentally focused to endure the demands of training for a marathon or a 10 mile race. So the group of athletes I coach we often say to each other

“Gotta Have Heart” when it is time to race and chase those goals. Because if you don’t have heart and are not willing to put yourself out there dip into the unknown and try something new how can you succeed and reach your goals?


So this season as you train and prepare yourself to run the Twin Cities marathon, TC 10 mile maybe the Red, White and Boom half marathon whatever event it is. Think to yourself.. Gotta Have Heart! Go out there with a clear mind and focus and believe in yourself that anything you want to accomplish you can and will! As long as you have heart!


Best of luck and happy training… not only your heart the muscle but your heart (guts) the inner strength that truly is what will get you 26.2 miles and across that finish line.



Coach MB

Mike Buenting

USA Track and Field Certified coach

Life Time Run certified coach

Member of TEAM USA and competing in the World Duathlon Championships August 2013.  

Peace and Love!

22 Apr

Peace, Love and Happiness


Today I blog about how the world needs to unite and come together. Every day when I log into yahoo to check my email I see some new headline of something awful.

Today I see a story about 5 people dead in Seattle in a shooting. Last week we had the Boston bombings. In which those hit very close to home for me since I was there. And I watched more CNN last week than ever in my life as I follow the Boston case. We had the crazy person who shot up a movie theater this summer in Colorado, the Sandy Hook shootings you name it people are out of control and the world is becoming a very scary place.


Tragedy happens I get it but it just seems like more and more it happens these days than when I was growing up and people are getting more stupid and crazy by the minute which scares me for raising a child in this stuff. I  was very impressed how the world has rallied around the city of Boston and all the law enforcement in Boston is amazing how they all supported each other and worked around the clock to find the suspects and then take them down. Boston you are an amazing city and will always have a special place in my heart. I’ve never lived there but I run that marathon every year and it’s one of my favorite destinations to visit! The people are just plain awesome and really welcome the runners with open arms.


So people of the world I hope you hear my cry and the cry of many others that we need to put differences aside and we need to bring some happiness into the world! We really need some good stories for everyone to rally behind we need to stop senseless acts of violence and stop the fighting. We need to find mutual respect in each other and get a little 1960’s hippie peace and love in us!


I know it is very wishful thinking of me to think that the world will unite more and these selfish crazy acts that keep occurring will end. But if we all do our part to bring love and joy to each other maybe slowly we can make a difference and just maybe the world can start to unite as one.

My thoughts and prayers are with all the peoples families who were just affected by the Seattle shootings, the Waco Texas explosion, the Boston bombings and all the other crazy tragedy that could be avoided if people just stopped and cared about one another. If people just showed a little peace, love, and happiness.


I encourage you to break out some Bob Marley, The Beatles, any uplifting happy music that brings the words of joy and unite to you. Listen to it get lost in the words and hope it makes you go out and do a good deed for someone. And do it just because.


God Bless you all! Peace and Love!!


Boston marathon 2013 a memorable one!

18 Apr

Boston marathon 2013 one that will never be forgotten

Boston marathon weekend is a very special trip for me every year. I love this marathon and I love all the excitement and stuff that goes with it. 2013 was a very special and very interesting year for marathon weekend. It was full of highs and lows and one major tragedy that will forever change things.


Marathon weekend kicked off Early Friday morning April 12th when I and many of my friends from Minnesota got on a plane and headed east. The excitement was very high (partly just to be leaving the snow and cold of Minnesota) the other part it’s Boston!! After getting checked into the hotel the fun begins with the marathon expo. The Boston marathon expo is like no other expo it’s huge and full of all kinds of fun! (you also spend a lot of money) This year my highlight from the expo was testing out the new Pro Form “Boston” treadmill. I dislike treadmills a lot but this machine was amazing!! And I want one. (they only cost $4,000) J I’m not going into everything it does but it pretty much does do everything and it’s the most road like treadmill I’ve ever been on with huge fans, video screens and a big open deck to run on.

My good friends at NUUN were there again with samples and have come out with some new flavors my favorite is Cherry Limeade.

Saturday morning started out with a little run with two of my friends Kelli and Manuela. We did just under 4 miles nice and easy along the river and then I brought them up the last half mile or so of marathon course. Little stretch on Commonwealth up Hereford and then down Boyslton. It was wonderful to get out and run in shorts and share a little conversation with them.

Saturday afternoon was spent shopping on Newbury street and my moment at the Puma store. I ran 1 mile on a treadmill at the Puma store in the store front window in my underwear for a free pair of their new running shoes and a $50 gift card. It was good times and certainly has people stopping along the road.

Sunday morning was another “Team” run for those not doing the Boston 5k we went out and explored some new paths and roads and got about 3.4 miles of running in just to shake out the legs. Then most of my day was spent working and resting until the big team dinner that night in the North End. We all went to a favorite little Italian restaurant of mine called Limoncello.


Monday morning “RACE morning” Life Time Run (who I coach for) charters two luxury buses to take 108 runners to the start line. I’m in charge of Bus #2 every year and I like to call it the party bus since I make a mix CD every year and do a lot of talking on the microphone. We made the trip to Hopkington and all got into our pre-race groove for a few hours before walking down to load the corrals.

The race: my bib # this year was #374 and how you get your bib # is by your qualifying time. So again I was wave 1 and corral 1. The temps were not too bad but warming and the sun was bright and the wind was pretty light to start but it was a head wind and suppose to build throughout the day. I was pretty pumped up for the race but unsure of what kind of shape I was in. This training season was not my best I battled an injury for 5-6 weeks with very limited miles and lots of treatments. My body started coming around in mid March but that did not allow me a lot of time to truly be ready. But 2013 was not really about me and my time my focus this year was on a group of runners I was coaching and taking east. I was going to get more joy out of seeing them run the races of their life than for me to have that PR day. (I was still going to run my ass of and go as hard as I could and that is exactly what I did) Once the gun went off I was running trying to hold myself back but this race course can just carry you and sometimes get you running faster than you want early. But the pace felt good and the breathing was relaxed so I went with it but then I would see a mile split and try to pull back some more as my goal was to hold back the first half marathon and hopefully half legs for the second half. I hit the half point in 1:19 and was still feeling good so I just kept locked into a groove. Once the Newton hills started my goal was to back off and survive the hills and then try to punch it home from mile 22. But some place in the hills my legs starting saying no more and they started locking up but I kept fighting and on heartbreak hill I felt my legs say no more. This was tough because my mind was ready, my heart was ready, and my breathing felt relaxed my legs just felt like cinder blocks. As I came down the backside of Heart Break I kept pushing hard but the legs were hurting more and more. From mile 22 until the finish is was all about heart and enduring a lot of pain. I’m not sure my legs have ever hurt this bad? But they felt so heavy and no matter how much I tried to push myself the legs just would not go. Also at this point of the race the winds had really picked up so on top of my body falling apart we now had some strong head winds to deal with. At the end of the race you go into this little tunnel and then pop out on Commonwealth right before you turn on Hereford and then to the finish. As I went down into this little tunnel I thought I was going to fall over and pass out for some reason I went into a dizzy state and sort of did a Frankenstein like waddle down through the tunnel. When I came back out and went up Hereford it was painful as I turned onto Boylston I gave it all I got trying to push hard to that finish line but my form was shot and those who saw me knew I was in pain.

I crossed the finish line in 2:47:33 not my fastest marathon and not my slowest. I was proud of my effort and knew that I had left it all on the road and that I had run with no regrets. Sure some people may bag on me and think that I’ve lost it and am getting slow that’s fine. I did not have the time I hoped for but I was not mad and was not going to make an excuse for it.  I live to race another day.

2013 Boston was about the people I coached and how amazing and inspiring they are! So my plan was to wait for them to finish. But first I had a trip to the medical tent after my race. The staff in the Boston marathon medical tent is the best! I was very dehydrated (which is a lesson I learned from on course nutrition/hydration) and most likely why my legs seized up. They put in IV. In me and worked on my cramps and bringing me back to life. They even collected my gear bag and medal. Once I came out of medical I called my wife who was tracking everyone to see where people were at. She gave me times and I waited at the finish line for them to cross. My good friend Kelli who had an amazing race! (6 minute PR after just having a baby a few months ago) was all ready done and gone so next in was Krisana who I found right away. We stood and watched people come in looking for Manuela. We waited and waited and then we checked in with someone about times and they said Manuela had all ready crossed. So somehow we missed her walk by us? We turned and left the finish line area looking for her and we found her up the road just a bit. The three of us hugged each other in tears of joy and pain from a hard day on this famous 26.2 mile course. Later I would find out that Krisana and I had only left the finish line area roughly 7 minutes before the bombs went off. The race was over some people ran the times they wanted some did not. But everyone was a finisher and earned that medal. Everyone should be so very proud of themselves and move on to run another day with no sadness or regret. I’m so very proud and inspired by everyone who ran with heart that day and crossed the finish line!


As we got back to the hotel is when word got out about the bombs and then the craziness started. For the next two hours I sat on the floor of my hotel room with the TV on in shock as I answered emails, texts, phone calls and made updates on my facebook page to let people know I was safe. I tracked down all my friends who ran to make sure they were safe. It was crazy! After that settled down those from the group who could make it out of their hotel met for dinner and drinks and we did our best to celebrate an amazing accomplishment (finishing the Boston marathon) and being alive and together.


Boston 2013 had a lot of sad moments but also had a lot of great moments! And no bomber is going to scare me away! I will be back in 2014 and every year after to run the greatest marathon in the world!

2013 Boston was for my friend John who was in a serious car accident the weekend before the race and is in critical condition in the hospital still. The group from Life Time Run all wore temp tattoos that we had made that said run 26.2 for John! John I wish you well and hope you recover soon!


In the end 2013 Boston may be the most memorable Boston ever not for the performances on the course but because of some awful tragedy that has brought me and my friends even that much closer. I thank the lord for keeping all of us safe and returning us home to our families.


Cheers and God bless!



My prayers and thoughts are with the families affected by the awful bombings every day. 2014 Boston is going to be a very special event and I can’t wait to be part of it!

one cool moment I forgot to mention was meeting Meb K and hearing him speak! what an amazing person and athlete he is.


Boston marathon 2013! 26.2 for John!

11 Apr

Boston marathon 2013… it’s a different year for sure!


Time passes by and things change by the minute. Each year as I prepare myself and a group of runners to go out to Boston and run the marathon we have to deal with an overcome many challenges and lots of adversity. Which is what makes the journey so special and when you cross that finish line it’s a very special moment!! Getting that Boston marathon finishers medal is one of the greatest accomplishments ever for a runner.


Runners work so hard to qualify and make the start line for this race and so as you run that famous course on Monday reflect back of your journey getting there and take in every moment and enjoy it. I have a lot of great Boston marathon stories over the last 4 years I have run it and this April 15th will make Boston #5 for me.


The town of Hopkington is just crazy! Huge crowds all the runners it’s like a mini festival. Once you load into your corral the excitement really builds! The course starts fast with the first mile pretty much downhill then over the next several miles it rolls slightly but overall with a negative grade. When you hit the Newton Hills around mile 16 this is when the race really begins and you better be prepared and have run smart up until this point. This part of the course between mile 16-21.5 can eat you alive if you don’t run smart. The hills are really not that hard, they are a bit long but it’s more of where they land in the race. So don’t be afraid of them just stay steady with your pace and keep your heart rate relaxed and calm. Short steady stride up the hill and then float down the hill. Once you crest Heartbreak Hill and descend into Boston College things really come alive! Crowds are insane and the course now gets flatter and fast! So this is when I say have something in the tank and go for it! You have one more little bump to deal with it and really it’s not much but because it’s within the last mile you really feel it. And as you go up that little bump and make the left turn onto Boylston you now see the finish line and your heart starts racing the emotions in you start to boil and it’s very exciting!


So what makes 2013 Boston different a few things.

  1. We have had awful training conditions here in Minnesota. Not one nice day for a training run. We have had bitter cold temps, strong wind, lots of snow and ice, rain you name it. Even our final group training run in April was in a snow storm.
  2. Myself I had a small bout with some tendonitis and shin splints and was sort of down for 5 weeks with very limited running. Some others had a few small little bumps like this along the way also that maybe slowed them for a week or two but have bounced back and look strong now. Little aches and pains and injuries are just part of running. They happen.
  3. The biggest thing this year that has really been weighing heavy on me and many of the others from Life Time Run traveling east this weekend. Is that our good friend and the run coach out of the Eagan Life Time the guy who helps organize a lot of the events out in Boston for the team to do was in a serious car accident this past weekend and will not be making the trip. Coach John is in critical care right now and fighting. John will be back and heal he is a fighter and the lord is looking over him and will take care of him. So it’s tough you have mixed emotions of how to run and how well will you run when you think about John. But as I always say you have to live in the moment because you never know when something like this could happen? You have to go out and embrace each breathe and make the most of it! So John on Monday you can count on a bunch of runners from Life Time Run going out and soaking in every moment and doing it in your name! As the 2013 Boston marathon has become the year of Run 26.2 for John!


Good luck on Monday everyone!! And John I’m thinking of you, praying for you and will run my hardest and fastest marathon for you on Monday!! It’s 26.2 for John!!


Go out and be great!  Have a blessed day!




Boston marathon 2013…almost here!

8 Apr

Boston marathon 2013!!


One week from today myself and about 27,000 other runners will be making that famous trek from Hopkinton to Boston for the 115th running of the Boston marathon. To me this is the best 26.2 mile course I have ever run. This run is special and I truly get so fired up each year to venture east and take on this challenging course.


One thing that makes this Boston so special compared to years past. (this will be my 5th Boston in a row) is the group of people traveling with me. I have been coaching groups of runners and traveling with some awesome people for the last 4 years. But this 2013 class is pretty cool because I helped coach all of them to qualify for this race. (my past groups are equally amazing and fun! but I did not help everyone one of them get that BQ time..some I did) but this year the team is full of people who have been running with me and I have been coaching for a period of time. Some very inspiring people that came to me at the Life Time Run coaching programs that I offer and said I want to BQ! So with a lot of hard work, a lot of dedication, a lot of adversity and sweat and tears we worked together and reached that goal for them! This season has been a blast just like seasons before. We become a family and we all help push each other to get better and to believe in ourselves. So to those who I coach and train with me my good friends who trust in me and are always there for me and the others in the group. I thank you! wish you the best of luck and pray for you to have a safe and amazing adventure one that will last a lifetime in your head.

The other piece of this amazing team/group we have is that a lot of the people who I coach and who have been training and pushing everyone are not Boston runners this year. (soon they will be) but this year they are training for other races with us and lending a very supportive hand to the team. It truly is a family with a lot of love and care for each person! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity under the Life Time Run flag to offer this kind of training experience for people.


It truly is an honor for me to train with these people and have them as a support team and it really means a lot to me that they trust in me to coach them up and make them strong. 2013 training has been difficult with the weather!! As you know if you live in Minnesota winter was tough this year, lot of brutal cold, lot of ice, lots of snow etc… which don’t make for good training conditions. But we all battled it out hit the treadmill when needed and survived healthy and strong and ready to rock that 26.2 mile course!

I myself battled some adversity through training with some tendonitis, and shin splint type pain for about 5 weeks. Countless treatments, days of rest, slow runs, etc… it really derailed things for me. After Ironman and resting I was feeling good and had built up my mileage into the 70’s per week. Then when this hit I dropped to maybe 30 miles a week with no speed workouts. I am starting to get back into shape and starting to find my stride a little bit but where I’m truly at right now who knows? All I know is come the morning of April 15th when I line up in corral 1 with bib #374 on and that gun goes off I will be giving it hell!! I will run hard, I will run with heart and I’ll give my very best on that day and finish with no regrets and make no excuses if I fail. This is what I teach my runners and they will do the same.


So best of luck to everyone who will be out there on Patriot Day running the Boston marathon. I wish you well and pray for you to have a safe day on that beautiful course.


Cheers everyone!


TEAM MB Thank you for a great season!! Truly so inspiring and motivating and I can’t thank you enough for all the great memories! The journey has been amazing now let’s have fun in Boston!

I am a competitor!

18 Feb

I am a competitor!


I love to compete, I love to win, and I love to push myself beyond my limits. Lately I have not been to competitive and have not been able to really push myself because of an injury a nagging lingering injury that is driving me nuts! I’m not sure what I have? Shin splints, compartment syndrome, or what? But whatever it is it’s just enough pain some days to make me not run, and then some days it’s OK and I can run. Regardless of what is going on there it is not allowing me to train how I like.

But it is helping me and teaching me to strengthen my mind and deal with adversity; many of my runs lately have been about guts, “Heart Runs” I call them sucking it up and digging in to will myself through a tough run when my mind and body are starting to fade. This nagging injury has also allowed my body to get some rest but then not all that much rest because I teach cycle classes and so it means I might not be running but I’m still cycling. (which cycle does not bother it) 


Back to being a competitor; when I train and when I race I am out there for myself and to make myself better but I also like beating others. A lot of days it’s not always about my “time” as much as it is about a podium finish and winning. The same applies in everything I do from my job as a Real Estate agent to whatever. I compete and make everything into a game and pushing myself to be the best. I love being challenged and when someone puts down a challenge to me they better have some serious game because I will bring all I have and I won’t back down I can endure pain and I love it. So being injured really bugs me because I can’t compete and when I’m not competing I get cranky. I need to be challenged and I need to be pushed and when you have to do easy workouts like the elliptical machine just to keep some fitness and you are not out on the roads racing it really pushes me mentally to keep my focus and keep improving.

Lance Armstrong who cheated and his interviews really made me sad to learn all that stuff about him. But there is one thing about Lance I really admire and get and that is he is also a competitor. He wants to be out there racing and competition and having fun just like any of us.

But because of what he has done he is not allowed to. His comment of “Win at all cost” I can somewhat jive with and say cool, but then I don’t at the same time because as much as I love to compete I would not at any cost. I have too much respect for those around me and I would never cheat or enhance in an illegal way just to gain an edge on my fellow competitors. So with competing comes being respectful and humble as well. It’s like I have said before, have an ego as in be confident, but don’t be arrogant. There is almost always someone better and even if not still have respect for those who you have beaten. So compete with class I should say.

Not to say that a little friendly jawing back and forth is not OK as it can make things fun sometimes but in the end keep cool and respect the game and those who play it.


Now that I have rambled about being a competitor maybe it will help me in my healing process. When you are struggling with something it can be good to just write it down talk it out and process it all and not hold it inside.


I’ll be healthy soon and I will be competing again soon, and when I come back I will come back stronger and with more focus and I plan to see myself a top that podium a lot!


Best of luck to you and all you do! Keep positive, keep believing! And be a competitor don’t back down from a good challenge.





little Monday morning motivation, education..

28 Jan

Sorry I have not blogged in so long, life again busy and I have needed some focus. I will try and do better. Here is part of a message sent to a group of runners I coach. I hope you find knowledge and inspiration in it. also this book I refference is excellent I suggest you go read it.


To get everyone fired up and focused this week with some motivational and educational stuff I’m going back to this excellent book by a local Olympic swimmer Katrina Radke  title of the book is “Be your best without the stress”


“No one can listen to your body for you. To grow and heal, you have to take responsibility for listening to it yourself” ~ Jon Kabat-Zinn


I tell you this a lot through training and I give you options on many days of workout or rest, cross train or run. Team I don’t know how you feel inside I can see it if I get to run with you but I don’t know how you might ache etc… so I trust you to listen to your body and communicate with me. If you are sore and tired from a previous workout, if you are sick, stressed, not sleeping well etc… you need to communicate that with me and listen to your body. Don’t be afraid to miss a workout, don’t be afraid to go easier than the workout might call for and don’t be afraid to back down miles if the workout calls for more. Do those things and stay healthy, don’t let ego or competitiveness get in the way and leave you over exhausted and beat up. Sure fatigue is normal and you should feel tired after hard workouts and it is good to push through some normal fatigue in order to train the body right for racing. But know your limits and know when you might be going into a place that might have a negative affect rather than a positive one if you know what I mean.


The importance of rest… “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop” ~ Ovid


Every person is different when it comes to rest. Some need more than others so again learn your body and what works well for you. I know you all hear me talking and that I take very little rest. But even though I might be doing something almost daily some of those activities are really rest for me. And what I have trained my body to handle over the years might not be best for you. But yesterday (Sunday) I did take one full day of lazy rest and it was great! I always suggest that each of you take one full day of rest a week. But I also want you to look at cross-training and Yoga etc… as a form of rest. So maybe one day you don’t run or do anything strenuous but you take a one hour yoga class that is OK and that is great. If you got quality sleep and feel rested and then use the yoga or maybe the pool as a means to loosen up the muscles and stretch things out that is a perfect way to call it a rest day with staying a little active.


Nutrition; You are what you eat… (Choose wisely)

This is from the book;   “I used to view food as fuel for my performances. Now, I used food to heal my body. Food, like a drug, can alter your mood, energy level, and how your body functions. It can destroy your immune system or enhance it. Like medicine, when food is improperly mixed, there are side effects.

Similarly, what you eat can alter your pH balance ( measure of acidity or alkaline nature of water) You can test pH balance of water in your body by peeing on a stick designed for this purpose. If your pH is lower than 7, it is considered acidic, and if above 7, it is alkaline. You want your pH to be alkaline. This is when your body can heal. Cancer and most diseases can only live when your pH is at a 5 or lower. Focus on eating foods that can create an alkaline pH, and cut out those that are acidic. A simple place to start is to eliminate sugar, dairy, caffeine, alcohol, and breads from your diet. Eat more whole foods that were planted in rich organic soil and fewer processed foods.”


This is a tough one for many of us. I love my whole grain breads as much as the next person I enjoy a glass or two of wine and I like some dairy. But this week I’m trying some new diet things. Trying to cut out as much processed foods as I can, no wine all week, no red meat all week, less bread etc… I don’t drink dairy milk typically but I drink a lot of almond milk I really like it and think it is a good place to start for many. I will eat yogurt this week to go with my natural granolas that I like and then eat more salads etc… and try to have a more green and fish based diet. Everyone is a little different but know subtle little changes that you make might make big differences in how you heal and recover. So think about what you eat and then how you feel during workouts and after as that might have a big part in things?


Self acceptance;

Again a snipit from Katrina’s book.

“Realize your own power and strength. Honor your fear, but take action anyway. With each change, no matter how small, you will begin to realize what you are cable of. Have compassion for yourself as you face life’s obstacles. Trust that you are strong and resilient enough to handle all the challenges and adventures that will come your way.”


I tell you all the time, have faith and belief in yourself! Look at yourself daily and say positive affirmations. Except yourself for who you are and know that if you want to change something about yourself you can but it will take hard work and dedication and as you face life’s obstacles you have to be strong and withstand their blows and keep getting up over and over until you reach your goal.


Setbacks and obstacles:

“We might think we want to avoid setback and obstacles, but they are what help us grow. Life’s ups and downs give us opportunities. We all make mistakes, but we carry on, and we get to appreciate this about ourselves, too. Humility and awareness help us tap into our true power instead of fooling ourselves (with narcissism and rationalization) by pretending to be “perfect” which is exhausting. We all experience setbacks- illness, injury, job loss, breakups. How do we overcome them? Mainly, we do not let them define us! Know that you are still great even if you cannot do what you used to do. In sports if you have been doing well and then have a bad meet, season, or year, you will tend to doubt your abilities, and this can affect your confidence. It is important to stay focused on who you are and what you can control.” 


That last line I say a lot to you. stay focused on what you can control and don’t let what you can’t control bring you down. We all have bad days bad weeks whatever. Sometimes we have that perfect race when things click and sometimes we don’t. some workouts just plain are hard and feel bad, we miss our paces etc.. that happens and we can’t let that bother us or bring us down. Having those kinds of setbacks only make us stronger, more determined and more focused as long as we use them as a positive and not a negative. Be happy with yourself and don’t let one bad workout or one bad race define you and make you doubt yourself.




2012 highlights.

31 Dec

2012 a year in review

It’s the final day the final hours of 2012 and as I sit here watching football and waiting for the Iowa basketball game to start I’m doing a little reflection on what was truly a great year!

2012 was the year of Ironman! I have been racing various distance Triathlons for a number of years now but 2012 was the year I took on the ultimate endurance challenge of my first Ironman. I competed in Ironman Arizona in November it was the hardest and the most inspiring thing I have ever done. I can’t wait for my next Ironman! I completed Ironman #1 in a time of 10:05.
2012 was also a year in which I set a new PR for the marathon, this fall in Chicago I ran a 2:39 marathon and broke my old best time by about 2 minutes. I ran another Boston marathon in 2012 as well.
2012 gave me two overall wins in 5k races; New Prague 5k and the Mustache run 5k both in which I was the overall winner and broke the tape. And both I broke 17 minutes I think I ran like a 16:12 in New Prague and a 16:45 at the Mustache run.
August of 2012 a group of friends and I ran the Minnesota half marathon in ST Paul. I was the 2nd place overall finisher in a PR time of 1:17:48? Roughly beat my old PR half marathon time by like 5 seconds. And the beauty was I did not taper for this race and just ran it comfortable as a training run. and it was warm and humid and a challenging course.
I had a couple podium finishes in Triathlon as well. Taking 2nd place at the MPLS Triathlon at Lake Nokomis and 3rd place at the Lake Marion Triathlon, I also competed in the 70.3 Ironman event in Kansas and the 5150 US Championships in Des Moines Iowa.
I raced many other Triathlons and 5k, 10k, etc…running races. But the above mentioned are my highlights of the year.
As a coach 2012 was very good year as I helped coach a lot of athletes to PR times in the marathon and other events like duathlon, half marathon and 10 mile distances.

2012 was a positive year in Real Estate also (as I’m a Realtor with Lake’s Sotheby’s Realty) where we saw the market start to trend upwards and sales pick up. And as we head into 2013 I think things are staying strong in the real estate market and I’m looking forward to it.
Some other highlights of 2012; I took my 10 year old daughter to her first real concert and at my favorite club in the entire world. We saw Of Monsters and Men at First avenue and it was one of the best concerts I saw all year! Other shows I saw this year include Bob Mould, Psychedelic Furs, Jesus and Mary chain, Sevendust, The Bottle Rockets, Soul Asylum, The New Standards, and many others.

Some of my favorite albums of 2012;
Soundgarden came back with a killer new record, The three new albums by Green Day, Of Monsters and Men, Bob Mould new record “Silver Age”, Lumineers, The Avet Brothers, and the new Mumford and Sons album. Overall so much good music out there and I found myself buying a lot of classic albums this year as well.

So as 2012 comes to a close and we prepare to start a new year a new beginning I say thank you to everyone who helped make 2012 so special and I look forward to the new challenges of 2013! Which I have titled the year of speed!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Sorry I’ve been away for too long…

21 Dec

What have I been doing blog?

Sorry to my few faithful followers that I have not written anything in awhile but life has been busy and finding time to sit down inspired and right something meaningful just has not happened.

So what have I been doing since Ironman a month ago? I ran two 5k races one dressed in a Turkey costume in which I started dead last and ran to pass people and raise money for the Second Harvest food shelf. It was super fun and I raised $14,500 for the food shelf so it was a really good day! Then a week later I ran in the first annual Mustache run 5k in an effort to raise money for pancreatic cancer awareness. I went out and won the race (setting a course record) ha ha it was the first one so of course it’s a record. It was a lot of fun and a bunch of runners I coach my friends all did it together as a group.

I’ve also been running a lot of miles and feeling really good!! It’s time to get my focus onto training for the Boston marathon in April so I did not take too much time to rest after Ironman. (pretty much only two days of rest) My last two weeks of running have been a 70 mile week, a 68 mile week, and now this week is a back down and I’ll finish it in the low to mid 50’s.
I have not swam one stroke since I finished Ironman and the only cycling I have done is on a spin bike teaching class except for one day when I watched the football game while riding for an hour. But the cycling is about to pick up again soon and the pool will see me next week sometime. I have been lifting weights though and getting myself back into the weight room twice a week. Nothing heavy just some simple strength training for running light weight and lots of reps with short rest.
Work has been pretty busy for this time of year which is hit or miss as you just never know. But I have been selling all my listings I have on the market and have been out showing homes to buyers. Now is such a great time to buy real estate with low interest rates and still pretty low house prices. And predictions are prices will slowly rise next year so call me lets go buy something!
I recently got to take my daughter to her first concert. (she is 10 years old) Shannon and I took her to my favorite rock club in the world First Avenue to see Of Monsters and Men. The show was amazing and Bella had a blast! I really love doing things with Bella and introducing her to some culture like the arts because the arts mean so much to me and I feel like more people need to embrace them. I love all styles of music as long as the artist has some talent and is real about it. And I want to expose Bella to all kinds of music and let her express herself freely and openly.

So as we head into the holiday season and into a New Year I will get some blogs going to maybe help trigger your mind on how you can challenge yourself in the New Year.
So until next time I wish you all a very Happy and safe holiday season!


How will you challenge yourself in 2013?

30 Nov

GREEN; “ It represents speed and symbolizes growth. It suggest stability and endurance.”
Superperson- “Faster than a speeding bullet”

Something I kept out of my race packet from Ironman Arizona is this sheet that talks about the special needs bags and based on your race number which color of box to drop at. Then it had these little meanings with each color like the one I wrote above about Green.
I really like the color green not my favorite color those are black and gold but I do like it a lot. I also felt like that meaning is my plan for next year. GROWTH and how I plan to grow as a person and as an athlete and how I all ready have since competing in Ironman Arizona. And the part about faster than a speeding bullet is key because that is one major focus of my 2013 season is to get faster!! Since one of my major goal events is really a short distance race a Duathlon of 5k, 33k, 5k it means I need to really activate my fast twitch muscle fibers and go for it!

I always have lots of goals and lots of things I’m chasing but the one big one I have my sights on next season is to race the Apple Duathlon and at that event qualify for the World Duathlon Championships in Canada this summer. I want to make Team USA! It’s going to take a lot of hard work and a lot of speed but I’m ready for the challenge and will be pushing myself like never before. The great thing is the more I train the more I take care of my body with diet and rest the better I am recovering and able to get after it. So Canada here I come!

I’m not one for reflecting on the past too much, as I like to always live in the moment but I can’t stop thinking about Ironman Arizona and what an amazing experience that was! I’m so happy with my race and would not change a thing about how it turned out. But I’m also fired up knowing I can do better, I can go much faster! I also think about all the amazing people that day who became Ironman finishers and how inspiring and motivating they are and that is just like fuel for me to want to chase it again and go after my ultimate goal of qualifying for Kona. So I said no to Ironman in 2013, but little secret I am working an angle trying to secure a spot in Ironman Madison in 2013 so if it works out then I’ll be giving 140.6 another go.

I love the sport of Triathlon and I love to run. since Ironman I have not swim, and only biked a little however my run miles have picked up and it has been feeling great. My main focus right now is the Boston marathon and prepping myself for that course again.

So I’m not 100% sure what 2013 will have in-store for me? I know a couple goals and I know it will be about; 1. Endurance 2. Speed

I encourage everyone to look into 2013 and challenge themselves take themselves outside their comfort zone and push themselves into new limits beyond what they ever thought was possible. And if you can go watch an Ironman event they are life changing! I have never seen anything more exciting and inspiring than watching people become Ironman!! And especially in the last two hours of the event.

So Best of luck as you look into 2013 and think about all the new things you are going to try!

Today I’m giving a plug to Pearl Izumi makers of some awesome apparel! I’m part of Team Pearl Izumi and must say I just love their gear, from shoes, to shorts, to tights, to socks, to hats all of it.
Today I tested out a pair of the new Ultra wind blocker running tights and loved them!
I also wore a pair of the Elite tall wool sock and was very impressed! And the new barrier beanie is very nice for winter running.

The other piece of gear I just love is my Trek speed concept 9.9 Triathlon bike. If you’re looking for a new bike this season to race on look no further than the speed concept line from Trek. Truly amazing bikes!


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